Stoner Patch Dummies TROPICAL | GRAPE (500mg THC)



Remember Sour Patch Kids? Phatnug remembers. We would all love to be kids again for a day (or two.. or five…) but that is just not possible! The next best thing is to FEEL like a kid again! Introducing Stoner Patch Dummies THC Gummies! The adult version of our favourite childhood treat! Sweet, sour, and higher. These gummies are at your every beck and call.

Every piece of Stoner Patch Dummies THC gummies is infused with 100mg of THC. Each pack also contains 5 pieces of gummies for a grand total of 500mg of THC per pack! These delicious edibles make for the perfect discreet treat as an alternative to smoking. There will be no sore lungs to have to worry about but there will definitely be a sore tongue!


Start with a low dosage. Wait at least 30 minutes before consuming extra gummies

100mg THC per gummy. 5 pieces per pack (500mg total THC)


*please keep away from children, store in a safe place*

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2 Delicious Fruit flavours:

  1. Tropical Storm
  2. Juicy Grape

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Stoner Patch Dummies Tropical (500mg THC), Stoner Patch Dummies Grape (500mg THC)


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